Please follow the steps below to set up your online booking page for clients to request appointments. If you prefer, there is a short video at the end of this article which reviews these steps.

  1. Set up a Google Calendar. Any email address can be used to create the calendar.

    If you already have a Gmail or Google account, you can skip this step. 

    If you do not already have a Google account, follow these steps:

    * Go to and create a Google Account on your business email address or any other email address that you would like the Google Calendar account to use.

    * Next, go to and configure the new calendar. Make sure that your business email address is showing on the right corner of the Google header. Make sure not to create a Gmail account, calendar only.

  2. Create a new calendar on your Google Calendar for online booking availability.

    * Open Google Calendar, find the "+" on the left panel, and select "New calendar"

    * Name the calendar whatever you'd like (i.e. John Smith - Availability) and press "Create Calendar." For group practices, please include the provider's name in the calendar title.

  3. Obtain the "Private address" or "Secret Address" of your calendar.

    * Visit and look under "My calendars" on the left panel. Find the new calendar you just created and click the  icon beside the name of the calendar, then select "Settings and sharing"

    * Under "Calendar settings" scroll down the page to find "Secret Address in iCal format." A long URL will be listed. Copy this link and send it to your OnCall Health support representative. This will be used to link your availability with the online booking system.

    Video guide:

    Please note: If you have multiple clinicians, these setup steps should be done by each individual clinician in your organization.

    Next, take a look at this guide to set your availability.