OnCall Health's integrated billing tool allows you to collect visa debit or credit card payments from your clients. It's incredibly easy to get started, as outlined in the steps below:

1. Complete this form to set up direct deposit between OnCall Health and your bank account.

2. When you create your appointment, set the Fee to the appropriate dollar amount. 

Please note: if you will not be collecting payment via OnCall Health for this appointment, enter a Fee of 0.

3. When your client logs in prior to their appointment, they will be prompted to enter their credit or visa debit card details. This information will be securely stored for any future OnCall appointments. This means your client will only need to complete this step once. 

Please note: payment information will be verified in real time and your client will be notified if the information was entered incorrectly. You'll also be able to confirm whether the client has successfully entered payment information leading up to the appointment (denoted by the green dollar sign icon below).

4. Once your appointment has ended, the client's credit or visa debit card will be billed when you press "Complete". You will receive confirmation that the payment was processed successfully.

Please note: failure to press complete after each appointment will result in missed payments.

5. You and your client will receive an automated e-mail receipt confirming that the appointment has been completed and paid in full.

6. If you have already set up your OnCall Health direct deposit, the fee for that appointment will be automatically deposited in your online bank account on a four day rolling basis.

If you have any further questions please contact support@oncallhealth.ca.